General information

 Dear Students!

 Second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year starts on February 3. Registration for courses will be open from January 20 till January 28, 2020. New applications sent after January 28 will be considered after February 5, 2020. Please, do not hesitate to send your Application.

1.     Read all materials that are posted in the Moodle (list of courses available this semester, schedule, prerequisites, application and instructions).

2.     List of courses

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Online courses

Note that to be registered for online courses students have to add courses into the application, visit Natalia Protsun, Head of the Distance Learning Department (room 2-5) and fill the additional agreement in before online courses start (February 11). The form of additional agreement student can get during a visit to Natalia Protsun.

Additional information regarding courses:

1.      Students of the 1st year of education, started their education in November of 2019 year join Group 4 in Spring semester.

2.      Students who needs to take American Culture have opportunity to choose between courses American Culture and Organizational Leadership. Note that number of places for these courses is limited.

3.      Courses from the Lists of courses not displayed in the Schedule start later and also should be added into the Application.

3. Schedule

1 year       

3 year          

2 year

4 year

4.     Pay your attention that you can listen to subjects for which prerequisites are provided, only after passing the prerequisites.

Prerequisites for 2nd semester of 2019-2020 academic year

5. The student needs to decide which subjects to take this semester (5-8 subjects) according to the schedule, fills in an application (only in print), indicating MANDATORY: first and last name, personal ID number, specialty, specialization (for students of 2nd and 3rd years), subjects, group and course listening form: on-campus / online.


6. Regardless of when the subject begins, indicate all the necessary subjects given in the schedule/list of courses in your application.

7.     Send the filled in application to the Dean’s Office email. ATTENTION: email was changed. New email:

8.     After agreeing with the Dean’s Office on the application, print out and sign the application, scan or take a photo of it and send it back to the Dean’s Office.

9.     Profiles of students who will not pay tuition fees till January 30 will be locked on February 3.

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